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Ask Eater: Italian Beef Sandwich

Our friend Scott writes:

I have a food crisis, and you are my only hope!

I need to locate an "Italian Beef Sandwich." Having lived on the east coast all my life, I have no idea what that means, but apparently they are a delicious sandwich native to the Chicago area.

I bet a friend $50 these allegedly delicious sandwiches must be available in NYC. He's telling me they aren't.

Help me!

No question this is a tough one. ($50 tough? We'll see.) In addition to the seasoning and oven prep of the meat itself, we understand that a key characteristic of a proper IBS is sliced beef. This leads us to believe that the Sliced Prime Steak Sandwich at Morton's (of Chicago) -- available at lunchtime -- might be a good place to start. Additionally, at the risk of bringing us all down a notch, we'll mention that there is a similar-sounding sandwich available at Pizzeria UNO.

We're going to have to rally together to get this one right. Thoughts, team?

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