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Plywood Report: Graydon Carter Edition

Lest you think for one second that Kalina isn't working hard for you, we are happy to bring you his latest masterpiece: the very first glimpse of Graydon Carter's unnamed restaurant at Bank and Waverly, housed in the former Ye Waverly Inn. Kalina notes: The façade looks no different... But I snuck this shot through a rip in the paper in the window." NICE.

To refresh, Carter's front men on the project are Eric Goode and Sean MacPherson, of Maritime Hotel fame, and La Bottega chef John DeLucie. The photo makes clear that the interior will be a combination of Itallian white marble, antique brass and Malaysian teak. Looks like we're still a little ways away from completion on this one, but with pedigree such as it has, really there's no such thing as too soon to get onboard.
· Plywood: New Life at Ye Waverly Inn [~E~]

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