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No Mud at Astor Place Update: The Mud Is Back

Yesterday's item about the Mud Truck's absence from Astor Place sparked a string of emails to our inbox. Rest easy, caffeine addicts. The news is good. Notes one reader, "Per the store this morning, the truck broke down. Might be back today, def. be back though." Then comes FOEater Jennifer Leuzzi to really get to the bottom of things:

Mudman1 [license plate tag] is back on 4th ave and astor, right by snack hq, which led to this conversation today:

MmeSnack: So where were you guys yesterday?
Mudman1: We don't take a day off we broke down. No start truck-starter, fuming fan [as in fire] other electrical/garage type. Repairs that needed to be made during the work day. [A repair guy was actually finishing up on one of the exhaust-fans while the coffee fans wait in the rain.]
MmeSnack: Small mocha latte for me.

The kids at Curbed also picked up on this item today; comments there flesh out a bit more flavor. Regardless: double shot, svp.
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