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Morimoto Express: More First Looks

The folks at URBANDADDY were nice enough to send over some bonus photos from their Morimoto photo shoot. (Disclosure comin' right up!) Above is the downstairs Lucite bar; just ahead, the sushi bar from various angles. Do note the dining room ceiling, which is "an organic ceiling that resembles the raked sand of Eastern rock gardens," per the press materials. So effen Zen.

And in other Express news, those who did not get a reservation by yesterday night will have to wait. It seems the phone "at the customer's request" has been temporarily disconnected. This, presumably the result of yesterday's onslaught.



Pictued above, in the jacket, tie, and gray hair is none other than The Cuoz! With her back to you, just to the left is his wife, and next to her, with the black hair and mostly obscured face is, Laurent Gras. Frequent Iron Chef judge and Vogue food critic, Jeffrey Steingarten is in the gray hair off to the right.


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