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Morimoto Express: The Interior Revealed!

Augieland got inside Morimoto this weekend and was able to get off several shots and exit before any of Starr's henchmen could have their way with him or his precious footage. (No doubt the commanding officer at the scene will be fined.)

At first blush, the interior looks a bit chilly, certainly not as warm as Del Posto or, by way of another random example, Nobu. But, clearly the venue is still a work in progress, so we'll reserve judgment for the time being. And an interesting footnote here: if kitchen organization is any indication of what is to come, it looks like one of the menu items new for Morimoto NYC will be some kind of bouillabaisse (click image below to enlarge).


· Pictures of Morimoto in New York [augieland]


88 10th Ave., New York, NY 10011 (212) 989-8883