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Morimoto Express: The Official Declaration of War


Consider this the offical end of civilization in NoMeat. Here, Iron Chef Morimoto's formal declaration of war on his rival and co-star, Mmmmolllto Mario Batali! (ahem, via his PR mouthpiece, of course):

12,000 square foot restaurant, address 88 Tenth Avenue

Owners Stephen Starr and Chef Morimoto

Designed by world-class architect Tadao Ando, Morimoto will be located directly underneath New York's exciting Highline project. The stoic steel façade is highlighted with an archway and the largest traditional Japanese noren curtain ever created to welcome guests. The bi-level restaurant is separated into a 160-person seated dining area and a 40 person lounge in the lower level. Ando achieves a Zen-like serenity throughout the space by using glass privacy walls between tables, rice paper walls, and an organic ceiling that resembles the raked sand of Eastern rock gardens. Morimoto boasts a 1,500 square foot exposition kitchen, surrounded by a 24-seat wooden sushi bar, where diners can watch Chef Morimoto prepare his signature dishes. Overlooking the exposition kitchen is the omakase bar, a table where eight very fortunate patrons will enjoy a true Japanese culinary experience. Each guest is to remove their shoes as is tradition and be seated, and then Chef Morimoto and his chosen team will specially select and cook the meal for the table - The Omakase, or chef's tasting menu.

And so the gauntlet has been thrown down. It is Iron Chef v Iron Chef in Kitchen Stadium NoMeat Stadium. Del Posto v Morimoto; Orange Clogs v Regular-color clogs; $29 Valet Parking v Barefoot Omakase.

Can you feel the buzz all up in here? It is so insanely ON, people.
· Starr to NY: I'll see you Nobu and raise you a Morimoto [~E~]


88 10th Ave., New York, NY 10011 (212) 989-8883