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Revealed: Secret VIP Lounge at Thor

If you're among the city's glitzerrati—or if you're not but happened to end up on the mailing list anyway—you've gotten a mysterious letter recently letting you know that your key is on the way. Your key to what, you may ask? Why, the top-secret new VIP lounge at The Hotel on Rivington, of course.

The first public mention we've seen of this newcomer to NYC nightlife's It landscape comes in today's Urban Daddy email. (Note: there's a disclosure statement to be made here somewhere, someday.) UD reports in part: "[It] opened last night at a selectively-hyped opening party. Thor finally unveiled the product of many months of tight-lipped effort: behind a nondescript door next to the hotel is a narrow tunnel leading to a small lounge with walls covered in giant white pebbles and masses of Swarovski crystals underneath a glass-top bar... As far as entry goes if you don't have a 'membership' key, here is the best of the lines we heard at last night's opening: 'We're friends of Marcel's in from the Netherlands.'"

Eater hit the opening party, too, and despite the crush of bodies, emerged to tell about it. (Barely.) VIP it's not quite, but this is a place to have on your radar, to hit or avoid depending on your taste. For those looking to do it up, the doorman'd entrance is to the far right of the Thor superstructure.
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