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IMterview: Kalina Files on the Cookie Caper

eatrinside4life: so i totally got busted at that cookie shop yesterday
SLNYDaddy: what happened?
eatrinside4life: i went in
eatrinside4life: ordered up a few cookies and croissants
eatrinside4life: and was like, hey, you mind if i take a few photos?
eatrinside4life: and she was like, oh yeah sure, go ahead
eatrinside4life: and i was like sweet
eatrinside4life: so i get my bag of goodies, put it down, and pull out my camera
eatrinside4life: i am trying to decide which gun to take out
eatrinside4life: the big gun or the little gun
eatrinside4life: i thought she was pretty cool, so i went for the big gun

eatrinside4life: and i pulled 'er out, and she was like, uhhh, what are these for exactly
SLNYDaddy: oh no
eatrinside4life: and i was stupid, i should have just said for my personal blog
eatrinside4life: etc
SLNYDaddy: yes
SLNYDaddy: that would have been the way to get it done
eatrinside4life: but i thought she was down, so i told her i worked for eater and i shoot restaurants and bars, and even though this place isn't on my list yet, i know it would be
eatrinside4life: i was totally trapped
eatrinside4life: and she was like, whoa, good thing i asked
eatrinside4life: i have to get permisson for that
eatrinside4life: sorry bro
SLNYDaddy: son of a
eatrinside4life: but, dude
eatrinside4life: the cookies are excellent
eatrinside4life: they look like they would be hard
eatrinside4life: like that hard kind
eatrinside4life: but they are soft and moist in the inside
eatrinside4life: i still have more to eat this morning for breakfast
eatrinside4life:: gonna have the croissants and other cookie
eatrinside4life: apparently this place is all 'green'
eatrinside4life: the walls, countertops, etc
SLNYDaddy: somebody call Matthew Kenny
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