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'Secret' East Village Cookie Shop: City Bakery or Not?

In the Upper East Village, on First Avenue, a mysterious new store has caught the eyes and whetted the mouths of a passel of food bloggers. As Lovescool explains:

While walking through the East Village this evening I saw a new store with stacks of cookies in the window. There was no sign out front, so I went in to check it out. I asked the clerk behind the counter, “What is the name of this place?” He answered slyly, “It is a secret.” He wasn’t kidding. There wasn’t one sign in the entire store with a name on it and he would not tell me what it was. He said it was a secret for now, and that the owner may reveal it in the next few weeks. How intriguing. The cookie shop has been open for two days now, and sells absolutely gorgeous cookies. The chocolate chip cookies remind me of City Bakery’s.
Aye, there's the rub. Seems the cookies might, in fact, bear a little too close a resemblance to those of City Bakery. Adds Debbie of Words to Eat By: "Apparently CB owner Maury Rubin has been spotted in the vicinity, which only makes me wonder—is this some extremely unusual soft opening of an offshoot? Hardly seems likely, since the CB guys seem to know what they're doing well enough to skip over an opening THIS soft. So what's the explanation?"

Conspiracies aside, what to call this nameless find? Blogger NationalRobot relays an idea: "I just call it the Awkward Cookie Place." Developing...
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