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Eater IMtereviews: The Fall of 2nd. Avenue Deli

SLNYDaddy: i have to say, those are some disturbing photos
CrbdDaddy: freaky
SLNYDaddy: and what to make of the timeline?
CrbdDaddy: good question
CrbdDaddy: there was an intriguing comment on curbed last week:
CrbdDaddy: "well...that being said...i just called 2nd Ave Deli and they said that they're closing for renovations and reopening the first week of february."
CrbdDaddy: denial ain't just a river in the east village
SLNYDaddy: ha ha
SLNYDaddy: that it ain't
SLNYDaddy: is there any way that's the case?

SLNYDaddy: i'm surprised there wasn't more of a campaign for this one
SLNYDaddy: or that jack didn't at least give the 'people' time to mount one
CrbdDaddy: exactly
CrbdDaddy: the signage rip-down is like this big f-you
SLNYDaddy: it really is
SLNYDaddy: there's no way it's a stunt, right?
CrbdDaddy: would be weirdest stunt ever
SLNYDaddy: no question
SLNYDaddy: mabye the place has been losing money for years
SLNYDaddy: jack was looking for an out
CrbdDaddy: ooh, good theory
SLNYDaddy: it just seems incredibly drop-of-a-hat
SLNYDaddy: you have to spend money to take that stuff down
SLNYDaddy: wonder if it'll appear on ebay