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Game On: Eater Fall Restaurant Coverage Starts Now

It's Fall, friends. The days are getting shorter, the weather a bit chillier. The sauces are beginning to change color and soon they'll start falling from the trees. Black is suddenly the new black. Best of all, bars and restaurants will now open at a pace of one a day, give or take, until the middle of December. That is, by all measures, a pretty staggering fact.

How does one make sense of it all? How does one stay on top of what's new, know which venues to try and which to avoid, and know when NY Magazine is flat out lying when they proclaim a restaurant open for business?

As the day unfolds, and in the weeks to come, all of your questions will be answered. First, to get started, you may want to familiarize yourself with these previews, the most comprehensive of which by far (though not complete) comes from FloFab at the Times.
· A Tasting Menu of Restaurants to Come [NYT]
· Season's Eatings [NYP]
· Fall Preview 2005 [NYM]