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Eater Dish: Thor, Ninja, Epistrophy, Mo Pitkin's

A few days later than the norm (hey, we're still getting back up to speed), it's the Eater Dish, bringing you up to speed on restaurant openings for the week of September 5, 2005.

1) In what is sure to be the most shocking news of the entire restaurant opening season, Thor, the ground-floor restaurant at The Hotel on Rivington, has finally opened, on schedule, two years behind schedule (but a mere four months since the most recent "official opening" date). Kurt Gutenbrunner of Wallse fame is in the kitchen. [Juli B, DailyCandy, and your OpenTable resy, natch]

2) With so many restaurant openings hyped for so long, it's one of the city's great treats when a venue emerges with precious little help from the PR apparatus. Witness: Ninja. (Wait... Ninja? Yes. Ninja.) Snack describes the stealth newcomer thusly: "High-tech Tokyo-pop resutoran opening in the shadows at 25 Duane, NYC on September 7." [Snack]

3) Another intriguing underhyped find comes courtesy of the ladies at DailyCandy, which has been bringing its restaurant A-game as of late. (Disclosure: we know of these DailyCandies in a personal-like fashion.) Last week, they authored an excellent reveal of Nolita Italian newcomer Epistrophy (shown above): "Cafe Gitane without the Gauloise attitude; Pink Pony without the unwashed hipster stench." Open now just as a wine bar, with food and WiFi to follow later this month. [DailyCandy]

4) Eater has peeked inside, and now you can, too. Avenue A hotspot du moment Mo Pitkin's House of Satisfaction officially opens. [Gridskipper]

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