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Eater IMtereview: Thor

CrbdDaddy: so, dined at thor last night
SlnyDaddy: and?
CrbdDaddy: talk about siberia... went with [name redacted], and they gave us the worst seat in the house
CrbdDaddy nestled between the bar and a cash register
SlnyDaddy: not good
CrbdDaddy: so there's this huge open room, that looks gorgeous, but we're at the back of this tunnel [see photo]
CrbdDaddy: appetizers were flat
CrbdDaddy: but then kurt comes out to chat
SlnyDaddy: here's where it gets good

CrbdDaddy: hilarious dude. apparently using a vespa to commute between wallse (mornings), his midtown joint (afternoons) and thor (evenings)
SlnyDaddy: two words
SlnyDaddy: gen
SlnyDaddy: ius
CrbdDaddy: totally charmed
CrbdDaddy: really wanted to like the mains after that -- scallops, and a cornish hen recommended by waiter
CrbdDaddy: but they both were flat, too
CrbdDaddy: service impeccable, though!
SlnyDaddy: there's something
SlnyDaddy: how'd the rest of the menu look?
SlnyDaddy: lots to try, or slim pickins'?
CrbdDaddy: more standard than one might have expected
CrbdDaddy: appealing, in that same way all menus are appealing in nyc right now
CrbdDaddy: it ain't wallse
CrbdDaddy: anyway, opened officially on tuesday, so going to give it another shot in a month or two
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