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Gesualdi Out, Farnabe In at Montrachet

As we had hinted to in late August, Chris Gesualdi (Chris Gesualdi) is no longer in the kitchen at Montrachet. His replacement is Richard Farnabe (pictured), previously of Bruno Jamais, Mercer Kitchen, Lotus and Aigo fame. This is not the first time that Richard will wear a Myriad chef's jacket, having first done so at the Berkely Bar and Grill and even once, as a consultant, at Montrachet.

Farnabe -- a rather racy choice for one of NY's most consistent, classy, and critically star-studded kitchens -- has some controversy in his past. He did not leave Lotus under the best circumstances, having allegedly leaked Rabin and Co.'s private mailing list to his future boss Jamais. That being said, Farnabe's cuisine has always been well-received, so we don't expect Montrachet to take a hit, as long as Farnabe can fly under the Page Six radar.

As to the circumstances surrounding the exit of three-Times-stars recipient Gesualdi, and plans for menu changes at Montrachet, we are awaiting a call back from trading phone calls (we're it) with Drew.