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Corner Table Closes, Daily Dish and Snack Launched

You may recall that last month Tanya Wenman Steel took over as Editor-in-Chief at Epicurious, home of, among other things, the very popular The Corner Table. Now less than a month into the gig, it seems she's making serious changes, among them the shuttering of said Corner Table. In its place is The Daily Dish, billed as "an up-to-the-minute report from renowned food critics, cookbook authors, chefs, and, of course, us editors."

But, perhaps of greater import, you may be asking, What is to become of Jennifer Leuzzi, late of Corner Table fame and seasoned food writer? She's opened a shop of her own called Snack. Already, she's got some choice buzz about Michelin's highly publicized foray into new york, providing some choice tidbits for restauranteurs -- "if you haven't seen an inspector, you're not in the book" -- and predicting that Masa will be the first Three Star Japanese restaurant in the world. (Considering no Japanese venue has ever received more than one star, the prediction might be categorized as aggressive.)

So one site closes and you get two new ones. We can only hope that the similarities to the New York restaurant scene end there and that both will still be up and running in twelve months.

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