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The Return of the Soup Nazi

There will be time enough this week for copious coverage of what's to come on the dining scene this fall. But will there be bigger news than that reported, photographically and textually, by an Eater correspondent? Friends, let us welcome back Al Yeganeh, former owner of the famed Soup Kitchen International, to our midst:

The Soupman from Seinfeld is coming back! This window is located on south side of East 42nd Street just east of Madison Ave. My old office used to be a block away from his last location at 8th Ave and 55th. The Seinfeld account of this is very, very accurate. I saw first-hand people being scolded or banned for life. If you gave exact change, you got extra bread and you had to make your selections right away and move to the left to wait for your order. Everyone was very nervous. He once told my father (who saw it as a personal challenge to befriend him), "I keep raising prices and these bastards keep coming back!" We saw lines around the block every day, rain sleet or oppressive heat. Lobster Bisque and Navy Bean were my favs.
Seems, alas, that the outpost is likely part of Yeganeh's new soup chain, launching around the country this fall. Still: kinda awesome, no?
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