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Marco NY Returning?

We received the above photo yesterday, along with this note: "The place that used to be Marco (on West 10th between 6th and 7th) seems to be lurching back to life … activity in the restaurant when I wandered by today seemed to be mostly confined to clearing out old stuff and sweeping the floors … but there’s a new curtain covering the window and an “under new management” sign posted."

While it's encouraging to hear that the Marco space might be resurrected (savvy readers will note that this is also the former home of Merge), we can't help but thinking that the arrivals of Gusto and Bellavitae makes this Italian job feel a day late and a dollar short. And on West 10th St. no less, where restaurants have a tendency to come on strong, only to putter out shortly thereafter. (BoSox fans, especially, we'd imagine, can relate.) But, who knows? We're on it, people.