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A Very Special Review: Starbucks LES

Oh, the humanity! Just when you thought it was safe to trust the Interwebsphere, a blogger, one Nichelle Stephens, reveals herself as a Starbucks operative:

I may have found my nirvana in the shape of the Starbucks @ Allen and Delancey. It's clean, quiet and close to the places where I hang out. Tonight is my first night here, and I'm in love! This place is spacious and well lit. This is where bloggers go write, have an iced coffee,and take a piss in a relatively clean bathroom. Yay!
Yay!, she says. That is aggressive. No word yet on whether the offending blogger's Typepad account has been suspended or revoked outright.

Well, Starbucks 1, LES 0, we suppose. LES to serve.
· I'm in Love [Nichelle Newsletter via Guy Brighton's]