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The Anti-Plywood: Taqueria de Mexico, Fluff, Kiev

Passing is such sweet sorrow. Eater readers report on closings in their neighborhood; if you've lost a loved one recently, do let us know.

2005_09_tacquera.jpg1) West Village: "Taqueria de Mexico, 93 Greenwich Ave (near Bank St), has closed; may be replaced by a new Mexican restaurant." Gothamist Food notes that the Chowhounders have confirmed.

2) Hell's Kitchen: "The Hell's Kitchen entry in the cupcake wars — Fluff — has closed its doors. The question is whether it's forever. The sign on the door Monday says 'be back soon.' Fluff got a moderate amount of hype when opening last November for making their own versions of Sno Balls and Suzy Qs in addition to the obligatory cupcakes. I've only had the homemade Twinkies, which are oddly even more flavorless than the mass-manufactured never-go-stale version."

3) East Village: As for last week's note that East Village stalwart Kiev has closed, a reader offers some hope: "Kiev--which, as you may recall, was immortalized in Detachable Penis, King Missile's classic paean to the East Village--closed and reopened at least once before. Perhaps it will do so again. As a patron both before and after their most recent trip through the revolving door, though, I have to say that it was an oldie but not much of a goodie. I look forward to the possibility that the new tenant will neither overcook nor overcharge to quite the same extent, though the way St. Mark's is these days I'm not holding my breath. Wasting $9 and half an hour on some unprepossessing vaguely gingery noodles at Momofuku last night may be coloring my opinion here, but honestly, what's left for the starving Cooper Union students?"