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Gras in, Pasternack Out at Sex Den Bistro Du Vent

In Batali news, partner David Pasternack is no longer the executive chef at the steamy Bistro Du Vent. His replacement is none other than critically acclaimed chef, Laurent Gras. (We understand that the change will not affect the partnership, and that Pasternack's exit from the kitchen was not forced.) Confirming a note that appeared in our inbox yesterday, Mrs. Gras-Snack has got the story. Looks like Gras’ menu will kick in on November 1. In the meantime, he’s tweaking and training and promising his Iron Chef boss partner over and over again that his staff will be instructed to turn off the security cameras before bar-top orgys.

And attention would be staff: Gras is still looking for kitchen support. No exhibitionists need apply.

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