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Eater IMtereview: Epistrophy

Tucked away on Mott Street in Nolita is Epistrophy, a cozy new Italian spot that earned a DailyCandy rave upon opening. We checked in with a trusted Eater correspondent who stopped by last night.

Wispy3000: it's wonderful
CrbdDaddy: did you eat, or just drink?
Wispy3000: there were some snacks on the table
Wispy3000: i had a piece of proscuitto
CrbdDaddy: so not serving food yet?
Wispy3000: there was pomegranate on the plate, though
CrbdDaddy: !!
Wispy3000: in oct., they're supposed to be opened during the day with more food
Wispy3000: now,
Wispy3000: they do meat/cheese/veggie plates
Wispy3000: and some crostini
CrbdDaddy: so why is it so great?

Wispy3000: great space
Wispy3000: very cool vibe
Wispy3000: books and neat things on shelves along the walls
Wispy3000: it's cozy
Wispy3000: good tables
Wispy3000: it's just like,
Wispy3000: the perfect spot for a glass of wine and reading,
Wispy3000: or some beers and a bunch of friends
Wispy3000: it wasn't too boring or too rowdy
Wispy3000: and it looks really cool
Wispy3000: without trying
CrbdDaddy: nice
CrbdDaddy: shit name, though
Wispy3000: yeah, well
Wispy3000: nothing's perfect

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