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Eater IMtereview: Jefferson Grill

Trying again on West 10th Street, Jefferson has reopened its doors, promising skewers instead of $28 entrees. (Photo of the new-look front from Gotham Gal). To wit...

CrbdDaddy: so, jefferson?
SlnyDaddy: was there last night, actually
SlnyDaddy: skewer bar, which is far less gimmicky than it sounds, is all sorts of obvious skewers, the best of which are rosemary chicken, orange beef and shrimp
SlnyDaddy: the biggest challenge is actually getting full
CrbdDaddy: haha
SlnyDaddy: as the waiter said, you'll want to order at least 15 skewers plus a "main" if you're hungry
CrbdDaddy: 15 skewers?!?
SlnyDaddy: right?
CrbdDaddy: sounds like a little too much work for me
SlnyDaddy: three people, we ordered 10 skwers to start and three dishes
SlnyDaddy: then 10 more skewers
SlnyDaddy: than ANOTHER 10
CrbdDaddy: unreal

SlnyDaddy: and, here's the genius
SlnyDaddy: the price point as printed is lower
SlnyDaddy: but you've got to order 15 skewers at roughtly $2 a piece to get full
SlnyDaddy: so, jefferson, where dishes were about $19 is, technically, more expensive
SlnyDaddy: but it's really exactly the same now
CrbdDaddy: atmosphere? looks colorful!
SlnyDaddy: the high tables, for which they became known when they appeared on Sex and the City
SlnyDaddy: gone
SlnyDaddy: replaced with, as you said, very colorful low tables in the front of the room
SlnyDaddy: layout is unchanged
SlnyDaddy: the room is just too cold for the block
CrbdDaddy: i was one of the few, i guess, who liked the old look
SlnyDaddy: the old look an hte new look, overall, are one and the same
CrbdDaddy: haha
SlnyDaddy: maybe they've changed the table layout slightly
CrbdDaddy: awesome
SlnyDaddy: it's staggering how little was done
CrbdDaddy: At least they weren't cynical enough to change the name too grotesquely
CrbdDaddy: Jefferson's House O' Skewers
SlnyDaddy: you may be onto something there
SlnyDaddy: another six months it'll close again
CrbdDaddy: there we go
SlnyDaddy: and they're not delivering
SlnyDaddy: nor do they plan to
SlnyDaddy: that is plain stupidity
SlnyDaddy: wasn't crowded, by the way

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