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Eater Fall Finds: Frankie Comes to Clinton

What are the hidden gems of this fall's opening season? In Fall Finds, we find out. Got your eye on a promising opening that everyone isn't already talking about? Drop us a line.

2005_09_frankies.jpgLately, we've grown a little weary of Clinton Street, the Lower East Side's restaurant thruway. Yes, 71 Clinton is as good as ever, and one assumes that Wylie is still working his magic (though we haven't stopped by to see the ol' guy in the last six months). But the closing of affordable standby aKa Cafe, and the decline of go-to spots like Punch and Judy (though still more than suitable for a glass of wine) has kept us away more often than not.

But a little tidbit in the Patronite/Raisfeld fall food preview has us believing we'll be back. Seems that the Frank duo behind Carroll Gardens' addictive Frankies 457 Spuntino are plotting a Clinton Street outpost for November. Says P&R, "Terrific sandwiches on Sullivan Street Bakery bread; roasted vegetables and seasonal salads; lusty braciole—all at original Brooklyn Frankies prices to fill a Clinton Street niche." The name: Frankies 17 Clinton Street Spuntino, of course. For those that haven't yet made it to this neighborhood gem, trust us: this one will be worth the wait.
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