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Week in Reviews: Perry St., Burger Joint, Fillip's

1) This just in, Perry St. isn't as casual as it is heralded, but it's pretty damn good. But not Great great. And the minimalist space is handsome and nice. And JGV lives upstairs. And so does Calvin Klein. And it's tough to get a reservation. And all of this is news to you, if you can't, you know, read. [NYM, The Resident]

2) In other breaking news, the Burger Joint is bliss. But "the fries are only O.K., come in a brown paper bag, grease soaking through—an instance of how the place’s crudeness can seem pretentious." We don't fully know what that means, but in a Shake Shack v. Burger Joint cage fight, we still say it's too close to call. [Tables for Two]

3) Hodgson does Fillip's this week, and finds it "a frustrating experience." She goes on to say that Brian Bieler "has mastered the classic French techniques, serving up good food made with the best and freshest farmers’ market ingredients, but many of his dishes are unfocused and lack a personal style." [The Hodg]

Elsewhere, Bruni closes his eyes and throws a dart that hits "two stars" on his dart board, and so it goes for Bouley Bakery and Market; the very early word on Jefferson (including a look at the menu); Blowdryer at Mo Pitkin's; Jour Et Nuit in Queens; and Sietsema at Morgan Seafood Restaurant in Jersey City.