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Eater Patron Saints, David Bouley Edition

How does Eater love chef David Bouley? Let us count the ways. His Bouley Bakery staff exits en masse over the summer, prompting a Page Six item. Bouley? Shrugs, serves up hamburgers to Gael Greene. Bruni drops by to review the joint. Bouley? No sweat:

Acquaintances chat with Mr. Bouley as he cooks. One night, just before he nonchalantly wandered over and said hello to me, I watched one of those acquaintances grab a clump of herbs from the kitchen and sniff it.
Aspiring chefs among us, take note. Everything you need to know to succeed in this town is contained in the above paragraph.
· Upstairs, Downstairs, Indosyncratically [NYTimes via The Gurgling Cod]