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Cracking the Seasoning Code

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Former Epicurious Corner Table scribe Jennifer Leuzzi dishes on her new blog about Doug Psaltis' new memoir of New York chefdom, The Seasoning of a Chef. Seems that Psaltis, who's worked in kitchens all over town, has a lot to say about some of the famous chefs among us (hello, Dan Barber!), but in some cases, changed real names to psyeudonyms. “Most people (outside New York and the industry) who will read it won’t know who everyone is," the author tells Leuzzi.

Ah, but those of us inside NYC probably would like to know who's who. Jen won't quite carry you that far, but she has offered up a list of names of key individuals featured in the book so you can play connect-the-dots for yourself.

By the way, Doug Psaltis will work in this town again, Leuzzi says, in the kitchen at Country, the forthcoming restaurant from Town's Jeffrey Zakarian.
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