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Cookshop Debut Imminent

The picture at Cookshop is rapidly coming into focus and, as early buzz has indicated, we've got ourselves a very serious neighborhood venue in this one. Restaurant PR tactical strike force, Bullfrog & Baum threw open the restaurant's doors last night for a capacity crowd of friends (such as chefs Bobby Flay and Jonathan Waxman), family, and press (Strong was there, honored, thrilled and humbled by the experience). Food and drinks were served and may we say that the bleu cheese and pistachio-crusted grapes, the bruschetta, and a deconstructed blt were all spot on.

Additional details for the Five Points sequal are at WhatISee, where some early photos reveal an open kitchen with a wood-burning oven and a vertical rotisserie cooker of some sort.

The party's been had, the registers and chairs have arrived, the chef's staff put through the paces. The public opening is next week -- they're "waiting for a ConEd hookup" -- but the smart eater will try to talk his/her way in before then, after which time the place will be packed for months, if not a year, to come.
· Cookshop Preview [WhatISee]