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Yumcha: One Star, No Chef

Come August, NYC restaurant news tends to be about what's ahead for the fall, not what's going on in the kitchen now. Well, not always. Comes an intriguing tidbit from Strong to jolt us back to the here and now:

Chef Angelo Sosa and his entire kitchen staff walked out of Yumcha last week. Lon, his sous chef, is now at Sapa, with chef Patricia Yeo. The restaurant is closed, but will reopen September 6th.
Sosa, a "protege of restarateurus maximus Jean-Georges Vongerichten" as Gridskipper puts it, was the man behind much the early buzz for Yumcha, which serves fusiony Chinese on Bedford Street in the West Village. According to the 1-star Bruni review in June, Sosa spent a month (a whole month) in Hong Kong prepping for the gig.

Eater endorses Sosa's departure. For to become JGV, one must first build the ego maximus to match.
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