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The Loud Times Roll at Le Souk

Gawker linked to the report on the 10 noisest bars in New York yesterday. But names only offer so much insight. Happily, there's The Villager to cut to the core of what spots really rankle:

Deputy Inspector James McCarthy, commanding officer of the Ninth Precinct, said that of the East Village bars on the top-10 list, only Le Souk is a major problem, in his view, having been the scene of fights, underage drinking and legitimate noise complaints over two years. Two of the other bars on the list, 11th Street Bar and Sutra Club, which was ranked number one in 311 noise calls, haven?t seen serious problems of this nature, he said.
All that, at little Avenue B Moroccan Le Souk? Goodness. We'll have to start dining there again. (As for 11th Street Bar, long one of our favorite neighborhood spots, take heart: "'It made number four on the list, and it's one caller ? it?s not loud at all,' McCarthy said.")
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