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Meet the Hampton Smoker

Friends, in honor of another summer Friday, we'd like to take a moment to introduce you to a genius food blog that's recently hit the Eater radar: The Hampton Smoker. Topic: the joys of BBQ on the South Fork of Long Island. Excerpt from a recent post:

Looks like Amy and I will be heading out to the East End to get a little rest this weekend. We'll most likely fire up the cooker to do some ribs that are a special order from the in-laws. Not sure what else to cook this weekend. I might do some more vegetables this time-- maybe a smoked gazpacho or salsa.

Last weekend we grilled a flank steak marinated in mustard vinaigrette. We sliced it up thin, like roast beef, and made sandwiches on nice french bread with a roasted pepper and onion relish. Doesn't get much better.

We're inclined to agree. Catch you at Citarella!
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