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Starbucks Horror Story

To be completely frank, it?s not entirely clear to us why a Starbucks on the LES is that big a deal. (Are people afraid they?re going to start drinking Starbucks? Because, you know, a store can?t stay opened without business.)

But, apropos of news of a LES Starbucks, we received a particularly troubling email from a trusted correspondent earlier today. She tells us of an unfortunate experience she had with a certain bug at the Starbucks on 39th and Seventh Avenue.

You'll want to make the jump for this puppy.

Looking for my 3pm pick-me-up, I ordered a tall Frappucino with a shot of espresso from the Starbucks on 7th Ave and 39th Street (no whipped cream).
As I started sipping, the slush disappearing past the first, second , third line of the plastic cup, something caught my eye. Upon closer examination of this "something" i realized it was a bug and immediately called over my co worker in disgust. "Can you please look at that and tell me it's not what I think it is".
Sure enough, it was. A roach. I was instantly nauseous. My co worker took it downstairs to the Starbucks to show them the dead roach chillin

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