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Week in Reviews: Cendrillon, A, Bosna Express

Credit is due all around this week as the median age of restaurants reviewed is about 5-years old, versus the usual 5 weeks. Bruni hangs in Soho, the New Yorker somehow does not get lost coming back from SoHa, and Sietsy delivers enough freak factor for us all to have seconds.

1) Bruni goes old school again and we applaud him for it. This week he examines Cendrillon, long a somewhat forgotten Filipino spot on Mercer. In his two star review, the man is mostly sated. ?Cendrillon may not be easy or sexy. But it's daring, different and a sure remedy for the malady, too widespread these days, of dining déjà vu. That has to matter, and that gives food lovers a real investment in the survival of this unconventional place." [NY Times]

BYO, Bosnian Burgers, Grilled Pizzas and more after the jump...

2) In keeping with the old is the new new theme, The New Yorker tapped SoHa pioneer A this week for its Tables for Two column. Carey is pleased: