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On Pearl on the Sushi, Typos, and the Dangers of Cut/Paste

TONY ran a mini review of Pearl on the Sushi last week. Here is that review:

Pearl has been gathering a fan base of locals and off-the-clock chefs since it opened in February, and while there's not much to speak of for decor (a collection of sand dollars, starfish and other seashells is stuck on the wall), the food is remarkable. Special rolls, like one with strawberry cream cheese and roe wrapped with salmon (pictured), are built with explosive textures and flavors. The lobster roll looks nothing like the Maine variety: The salad is laced with wasabi and spicy mayo, bundled in rice and cut into 12 thick slabs. The Sunshine Roll?the winner of the bunch?is inside out, with a salmon center and a shell of avocado and fresh mango. Thick milk shakes and smoothies in flavors like honeydew, green tea and sesame make a fine dessert for the trip home.?TONY
2005_08_pearlon.jpgSounds tasty, no? Yes.

So, Eater was there for lunch yesterday. The Sunshine Roll, delightful; ditto for the Green Caterphillar [sic] Roll, Black Dragon Roll, and the Pink Panther Roll. (Rest assured, you're going to hear more about this sliver of a venue on 9th Avenue; they are doing some very interesting things. But for now...)

Speaking of the Pink Panther Roll, there is something curious about TONY's description of it. There seems to be a typo. You see, the Pink Panther Roll is strawberry [COMMA] cream cheese, and fish egg, wrapped with salmon. It's two ingredients: cream cheese and cut strawberry. Now, let's check the menu. Yes, look at that: same typo. Curious that the typo would appear in two places so disparate, especially when either an in-person look at the roll OR a glance at the photo makes the typo abundantly clear. (Plus, one bite of the roll tells you that, good as it is, it'd be better tasting with just the strawberry. That very alteration is possible because we're not dealing with....strawberry cream cheese.)

The cut/paste function. So innocuously dangerous.
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