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Fork This?

The Post is all over this GQ "Best Cities on Earth (To Eat In)" article, which conspicuously leaves out both Paris and NY. (We'll try to have the article for your viewing pleasure shortly.) Our man Cuoz' (left; post sedatives), for example, is practically foaming at the mouth over it. Observe:

This grotesque take on Gotham's food scene appears in this month's GQ magazine feature "The 4 Best Cities on Earth (To Eat In)," a cockamamie compendium that snubs such culinary backwaters as New York, Paris and Barcelona in favor of Piedmont, Bangkok, Los Angeles and Madrid.
To come up with such an off-balance list, the GQ people must have spent too much time eating in their notoriously garlic-deprived Conde Nast cafeteria - or in the fast-food cesspool outside their Times Square offices.
Cockamamie Compendium. Give 'em hell, Steve.

Now -- and here's where the situation spoils slightly -- the side bar to this rant lists some of the "reasons" "why we rock." The Post, exhibiting the editorial sense of a Eater's left pinky toe, names the totally boring and excruciating Time Warner Center as a reason that NY rocks. The Norma's Zillion Dollar Frittata is, apparently, another. An unmitigated embarrassment for us all.

There are, indeed, plenty of reasons why our restaurant scene is among the best in the world. (So many, in fact, that we were just going to let GQ have its fun.) However, none of them are listed in the Post today. Before this gets totally out of hand and GQ uses the Post's list as follow-up evidence, let's put together a real list. We'll go first:

In NY, Batali delivers. Lend a hand, won't you?
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