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On A Photogenic Drew Nieporent

We have always been fans of Drew Nieporent. His Myriad Restaurant Group delivers the gold venue after venue. Drew, the man, is the consummate host and manager. On a recent night at Nobu 57, while dining with a Friend of Eater (F.O.E.), who was recently installed as a hostess at a Myriad restaurant, Drew made a point of visiting our table to say hello to her. Impressive, if you consider that he knew her name.
2005_08_drew2.jpg 2005_08_drew1.jpg
Now. In the last year, the Myriad Restaurant Group has invested in a new website. It is slick in an understated manner, steamlined in spots that the old one was clunky, and aesthetically consistent with the company's physical restaurant spaces. Indeed, the site renovation was an electronic representation of the fact that Myriad is all grown up. In keeping with this maturity trend, we note that grand puba Drew's bio pages have changed as well. More noticeable even than the paring down of 1134 words to a svelte 371, is the change of photos. On the left, the photo of old, clearly taken circa 1994; on the right, the update. At a certain point we suppose you have to start dressing the part.

Hey, speaking of websites and Montrachet, in the morning you'll find out why this link isn't working.

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· Drew Nieporent [Myriad Restaurant Group]