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Eater Inside Presents: Name that Venue

Time to put your money where your mouths are, Eaters. Just how well do you know NY restaurants, inside and out? Name that Venue below to find out.

Our research labs, located several miles below Earth's surface, directly below Balthazar's raw bar, have assigned this quiz a handicap of 4, meaning that you should get 8 of these with at least one hand tied behind your back. To anyone who turns in a perfect score, the VIP number at Il Mulino.

Answers to come later in the week.

01) 2005_08_pic1.jpg 02) 2005_08_pic16.jpg 03) 2005_08_pic3.jpg 04) 2005_08_pic4.jpg
05) 2005_08_pic5.jpg 06) 2005_08_pic6.jpg 07) 2005_08_pic7.jpg 08) 2005_08_pic8.jpg
09) 2005_08_pic9.jpg 10) 2005_08_pict10.jpg 11) 2005_08_pic11.jpg 12) 2005_08_pic12.jpg

There is inspirational credit due here to DailyCandy, who used to run photo scavenger hunts, as they called them, based on iconic NY locations.