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Yeo Made Partner, Sapa Kitchen Intact

On Friday, we suggested that Patricia Yeo was leaving Sapa to pursue a restaurant of her own. Today, we received the following note:

From: Patricia Yeo
Re: Patricia Yeo and Sapa
I thought that you should hear this from the horse's mouth. I have no immediate plans to leave Sapa, although Brian and I have talked about perhaps opening something else. Thank you for the interest however. You should also know that we are busier at Sapa than ever, please come in for a drink during happy hour.
Best wished
Patricia Yeo
Sapa Restaurant
So, at the end of the day, it looks like Matzkow had the good sense to do what was necessary to keep his kitchen in tact: he made his executive chef a partner. (This seems an especially savvy move if you recall what Sapa was like in those first few weeks, before Yeo came on board.) As for their future projects together, we'll keep you posted.