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Eater Dish: Mo Pitkin's, Cookshop, NoLIta Ice Cream Factory

The Dish, getting you out in front of the curve whether you like it or not, for the week of August 1, 2005:

1) We begin with Mo Pitkin's House of Satisfaction, one of a handful of celebrity-backed venues slated to open in the coming weeks and months. Last week, Team Chung over at Gothamist did a rather good reveal on the Jimmy-Fallon-affiliated performance/restaurant venue. Though already open on some nights, it looks like it'll be using the Howl Festival, the week of August 22nd, as way to say 'hello' to the neighborhood. Note here that Mo's PR team, the ladies of KB, are saying "September" for the official opening. All of this means that if you want to see the venue before it becomes a total mob scene, you've got two weeks at best. (This one has all the makings of another La Esquina fiasco, so if it were us, we'd not dilly dally.)

2) Speaking of venues that are going to get their fair share of attention, Cookshop, Marc Meyer's and Vicki Freeman's sequel to their neighborhood sensation, Five Points opens to the public mid August in Chelsea. This is the week to stop by Five Points to try to sweet talk yourself a Friends and Family table on the west side. [156 Tenth Avenue. 212-924-4440.]

3) Finally, Nolita Ice Cream Factory, which has received some on-line attention in the last month, is poised to have a big month on Kenmare. There is some question about whether this shop is or is not legitimately related to the very popular Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. Here, though, Strong says Nolita is a direct descendant.