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Thrillist Reviews Keens: A Return to the Classics (We Hope)

Our friends at Thrillist, who made us funnel Olde E before suggesting that we use the phrase "best email newsletter on earth, by far" to tag them, will run a review of Keens Steakhouse tomorrow. They'll call it, "the first call you should make when you're craving the fruits of the slaughter."

In that charmingly reckless Thrill-speak of theirs, they?ll go on to say:

The juicy prime rib is cut almost as thick as Star Jones' blazers. Some people also rave about the house special mutton chop, but unless you're prepping to play the Sheriff of Nottingham at next month's Renaissance Fair, mutton chops are totally inappropriate and stupid.
Though we happen to think the Keens' mutton chop is extremely tasty, we cannot help but give the kids a bit of credit for going against the publicist-manufactured grain with this and many other of their venue choices. In the short time they?ve been in the electronic mailer game, we?ve gotten both a rave review of Raoul's and an introduction to Jeremy's, where they start pouring drinks at 8 am. This sort of variety and versatility is, to us, extremely refreshing.

We do hope this will jump start a renewed focus on NY classics. Bruni, much to his credit, is already on board, having written about places like One If By Land, Two If By Sea and Periyali in the last year. To you other folks writing those big, splashy reviews: we know at least one of you is dying to expense a couple of meals at '21'. If it's just a matter of getting a table, we can help.
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