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Le Jardin

Thrillist delivers the goods on an unnamed bar that has opened at 10 Little West 12th St, which was most recently a surf shop. Somehow, a liquor license came early and surprised the owners, who haven't had a chance to name the place, much less find a PR company to ruin it. We were there last night and we have to concur with the Gentlemen of Thrillist, who are calling it a real find. (And in a tribute to their modesty, they've taken it upon themselves to name it Le Jardin de Thrillist.) The bar and gigantic back garden are sandwiched directly between Paradou, to the east, and Cielo, to the west, and from 10 Little West 12th you can see into both. Somewhat a genius move of 10, if we do say so.

Since last time it only took 44 days for a venue to go from Thrillist to Sunday Styles, you might want to get to this puppy sooner rather than later. Your lady on the inside is Sarah, who can get you a mean blueberry caipirinha if you ask nicely.
· Le Jardin de Thrillist [Thrillist]