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Dish: Sensa, Momoya, Spotted Pig, Ban'n, and Cercle Rouge

West 21st Street sees some action, even The Spotted Pig can?t get a membership at Soho House, and Ban'n is born from Woo Lae Oak fabric. Here it is, folks, the Eater Dish for the week of August 15, 2005:

1) This week, two openings this week on West 21st street between 6th and 7th to report. At 6th is Sensa and at 7th we find Momoya. Sensa is an Ital, whose kitchen is helmed by Michael Giannakis, a Rao?s alum. Though his training is in red sauce, there are promises of more sophisticated dishes, such as a molasses-glazed tuna. Momoya is really a venue makeover. Nobu grad Chie Shirahata has turned Meriken into Momoya, a very stripped down Nobu-esque affair where you?ll find dishes such as black-sesame salmon with balsamic sauce. Both venues are in their infancy, so go now if you like to see the rough around the edges, but wait a couple of weeks if you prefer shiny surfaces.

2) To update our earlier report on the Spotted Pig, they will wait until next week to close for renovations. Both Metro and Strong have the story, each nothing that Soho House is probably not going to let The Pig stay over while its West 11th Street digs get a makeover. Metro seems to suggest that they

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