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Gutenbrunner's Restaurant Thor: 'Already Experimenting'

When last we heard, Wallse chef Kurt Gutenbrunner's yet-unnamed restaurant at The Hotel on Rivington (THOR, to initiates) was slated for a September opening, which we took to mean December. So we're surprised and pleased at the photographic evidence dug up by blogger Kurt's Martini which shows the inside nearing completion. Reports Kurt:

Today I learned that the Restaurant at THOR (aka RATHOR as in "i'd RATHOR eat somewhere else") will likely be opening in two weeks... The (only?) friendly doorman at THOR told me that the kitchen is already experimenting. I think it is a safe bet that we can expect large white (possibly black) plates containing minimal amounts of tuna tartare and duck confite. The space is quite large and though incomplete, the restaurant still has that architecturally shoddy appearance that we have come to love and expect from THOR. The furniture consists of (surprise!) low sofas and two misplaced antique-looking armchairs at the very front of the restaurant. For those of you who prefer their exclusive dining and drinking experiences even MORE exclusive, I am told there is a private bar.
Adds Bizbash, "Designed by Marcel Wanders, the 100-seat space has a 22-foot glass ceiling in the dining room." And, we may add, tenement views out the back. Amazingly, they are actually calling the place Thor. Further proof that life gets a little better ever day.
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