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But Who Will Make Our PB&Js?

A very trusted Eater correspondent sends word of another high-profile restaurant closing. Let's go to the press alert:

Alain Ducasse of Groupe Alain Ducasse and Jeffrey Chodorow of China Grill Management announce that on Saturday, August 13, 2005 they will be closing Francesco at MIX in New York, which opened in early September 2003. Despite the positive press and great reviews awarded to Francesco at Mix in New York since the recent addition of chef Francesco Berardinelli [and one high-profile name change back in May?ed], owners Ducasse and Chodorow, feel that the restaurant has not been performing financially at a level they find acceptable. Francesco?s contribution to the restaurant has been outstanding and he will pursue his career with Groupe Alain Ducasse.
Okay, Fabricant has the news in today too, but we reprint the above in toto because there are few things more glorious than a press release touting a closing. Oh, and the announcement's kicker? "Alain Ducasse and Jeffrey Chodorow continue to enjoy working together on other projects." No doubt.
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