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Chowhound: Weekend Gone Bad

If you believe the Chowhounders -- and, crazy as they are, we often do -- it was a little dicey out on the town this weekend. Negative restaurant reviews have been flying fast and furious ever since Friday. Here is an account of one bad expereience at critical darling, 5 Ninth:

My wife and I went to 5 ninth last night and had a horrible dining experience. We each order an appetizer and entree for dinner, with a bottle of wine. My tuna belly appetizer was inedible; it tasted like raw pork. My wife's heirloom tomatoes with croutons was equally inedible. The croutons tasted like they were soaked in gasoline. Her vermont roasted lamb entree was raw, she was not able to eat any of it. My carribean fried whole snapper entree had a stange fishy taste to it.
We're not fully versed in the Chowhound ratings scale, but "inedible" can't be good for anyone. From downright ugly to merely disappointing, here is what a weekend in restaurants gone bad looks like.
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