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Report from the Host Station, Day One

What follows is the first of what will hopefully be many reports from one of our top field agents, who is currently stationed under deep cover at very serious downtown NY restaurant. Just how serious? See for yourself.

[For your own good, certain pieces of information have been redacted. Perhaps our discretion will lesson in subsequent reports?]

Day One
I learn that [Heavy Hitting Celebrity]'s table, #[number] is a four top in the back corner, and it's held for him and his guests every night until his office calls to say we can release it. [Celebrity Athlete] came in wearing a pinstripe suit (navy on white for work, white on navy for pleasure).

The great thing about working here is that everyone knows that [Serious Restaurant] itself is a bigger VIP than anyone who eats there. Turning down [Recording Artist]'s [medium] release dinner of [number greater than 10] was a no brainer... he might be [Recording Artist], but [Serious Restaurant] is [Serious Restaurant].

Think you can fill in the blanks? Bring it.

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