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Perry St Blues?

Monitoring the JGV empire so you can go about your business, we checked in on Perry St this morning to see if they'd yet settled on an opening date. According to Yasmine, the pleasant enough woman who's been manning the phones for at least the last month, the new date is -- wait for it -- TBD, but "probably in the middle of next week."

While this news will surely send Spice Market devotees dialing the reservations line for dear life, we should caution you that "probably in the middle of next week" was the official line three weeks ago as well. And that is to say nothing of the fact that this opening as been slated for months.

So what gives? EATER informants were in the space a month ago and said the food showed serious promise. Is this just a perfectionist chef trying to ensure his fleet doesn't take another hit or is there something more to this delay?


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