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Avalon Lives!

Just when we thought we'd have to spend another night at some boring, second tier club, word comes, as if from the Heavens, that Club Avalon is still open. (You may recall Page Six having reported the club's closure a couple of weeks ago.) From a godsend of a reader:

Avalon at 20th St. is still open -- as of tonight (I just phoned and doors open tonight at 10pm). The annoucement [sic] of its desmise [sic] in the papers, as of 7/24/05 was premature -- though most of us in the neighborhood do not expect it to be open for long, it is still in business.
So what's the deal here? Did the Page Six have an ulterior motive in making their announcement? That Johnson guy can get a little catty. Who's got the good for us?

But, more importantly, doors open at 10, people! That's it for today; if we're going to be up until 6 or 7 am, it's time for a nap.

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