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Week In Reviews: Taku, Breeze, Bouley Bakery, Bette

This week, its Bruni's turn to tell us a bedtime story, while both Hodgson and Bowen give favorable marks to venues about which we've heard relatively little to date. And Cuozzo goes to Bette and whines, "Frank got Robert Downey Jr. and I didn't get to see a single celebrity! No fair!"

1) Bruni nearly put us to sleep with his one star review of Brooklyn's own, Taku. He calls it "that kind of place, seemingly more common in Brooklyn than in Manhattan: a lovingly rendered, hoveringly attended, very personal expression of a chef whose physical connection to his kitchen is close in the most literal sense." From this we can make two conclusions. First, Frank doesn't eat out below 14th street too often; second, if you don't live Boerum Hill, you, too, might have been better served by skipping the review and taking a nap.

2) Under $25 features some favorable coverage on the newish Thai fusion joint in Clinton, Breeze. Responsibly, Bowen acknowledges you've got a much better chance at keeping it "under $25" at lunch. Overall, the verdict is "what's on the plate wins."

3) Bouley Bakery & Market gets some attention from Hodgson, who reports that her dining companions "pronounced it their new favorite." And calling all burger obsessives: there's a Bouley Burger on the menu -- made with ground sirloin and served on an English muffin layered with cucumber, lettuce, red onions and fresh herbs (picked to order from pots on the side of the stove) -- and the Hodg calls it "one of the best..."

4) Amy Sacco's homage to her mother, Bette takes a hit from the Cuoz. He's rather unimpressed with the whole experience, calling Bette "a perfectly nice place that wouldn't draw a glance if it didn't have Sacco's star power behind it."

Elsewhere, a luke warm experience at Centrico; two stars for Water's Edge; a dig at Stanton Social; low marks for, deep breath, 7-Eleven.

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