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The Perfect NYC Menu

The L Magazine put out a food and drink issue last week, just as TONY and NY Mag issued, with much greater fanfare, their annual Cheap Eats issues.

While the L's coverage was a far cry from perfect, and their Chowhound-inspired tack did not by any means have the scope of either of its much larger peers' versions, the Perfect NYC Menu approach sure as hell was efficient. It took NY Mag a page-long taste test ? in which they did not say anything that hasn't been said before ? to announce that their four-star pick for lobster roll was Brooklyn Fish Camp, whereas it took L a mere two sentences to deem their favorite a Brooklyn Fish Camp genetic predecessor, Pearl Oyster Bar. And if you're going to be predictable with your picks, as both NY Mag and, to a lesser extent, L were, at least be quick about it.

Have a look at the Perfect NYC Menu. If you see something missing, speak up. Maybe there's the birth of a Eater Best Of Menu in all of this.
· The Perfect NYC Menu [The L Magazine]

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