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Nobu 57 Update: Here's What We Know

Aside from the small sake cask-breaking party monday night and the alleged opening bash on Tuesday, a strangely small amount of information is circulating on the fast-approaching opening of Nobu 57. Somewhat miraculously, there has not been a peep from the boards at Chowhound and elsewhere. We did, however, get a report late last night from a correspondent who's got a bit of scoop. Here's what we know:

1) Initially slated to open July 25, the public opening has been pushed back until early August; presumably this is to both smooth every last rough edge and to accommodate the huge number of VIPs who have requested preview tables. There are no reports of significant problems of any kind.

2) There will be a private entertaining space on the roof. Hot.

3) Martha Stewart was in the house on Wednesday filming a kitchen segment with The Mats for her upcoming daytime talk show.

Anyone been inside? Drop us a line.

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